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curtisNORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – Republican gubernatorial candidate Curtis Coleman released the following statement upon discovering Governor Beebe’s possible proposal to seize and redistribute local tax revenue from eight Arkansas school districts:

“The Arkansas legislature’s upcoming special session should remain focused on fixing the health insurance problems facing public school teachers and employees. Instead, Governor Beebe appears ready to use the opportunity to enact an Obama-like plan for redistribution of wealth in Arkansas.

“Beebe’s plan is to seize local property taxes – called uniform rate of tax revenues – specifically approved by voters for the express purpose of funding their schools. In the name of ‘fairness,’ eight school districts would have these revenues confiscated by the state and redistributed to other districts.

“This plan might initially and unfairly affect only eight school districts, but every school district would know that it might be next. As a result, this will have an incredibly chilling effect on taxpayers across Arkansas who want to improve their local schools. They will fear that state government may come in and seize any local tax revenues they intended for their school’s express use.

“The best government is limited and local. Beebe’s plan is none of these. It is not limited, it is not local, and it is not good government. This is just a backdoor attempt to enact a statewide property tax. I call on our Republican majority to fight against Beebe’s desire to seize local school district funds and demand a special session on resolving the teacher insurance crisis without this purely political distraction.”