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thought-policeBelow is Sunday’s letter to the Jonesboro Sun by Jonesboro resident Bryan Luster.

Luster writes about GOP candidate Dan Sullivan — John Cooper’s opponent in the GOP Primary Runoff on November 12 for the vacated state Senate seat of Democrat Paul Bookout.

I wonder where GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan actually stands on gun control.

Sullivan made national news a few years back when he, as principal of South School in Jonesboro, suspended an eight-year-old boy from school for three days for pointing a breaded chicken finger at a teacher and saying, “pow, pow, pow.”

Sullivan is quoted as saying that the punishment for a threat, “depends on the tone, the demeanor, and in some manner you judge the intent. It’s not the object in the hand, it’s the thought in the mind.”

Such an extreme measure for such a young child should make one question how a candidate really feels about guns.

It also makes one question the common sense of such an administrator and now GOP candidate for Bookout’s vacated senate seat – and just what kind of laws such lack of common sense would produce.

I can’t help but remember all those years where children yelled, “pow, pow, pow” while playing cowboys and Indians and other such games with authentic-looking toy guns – not just a mere chicken finger gun – with no ill effects.

I also take issue with Sullivan’s statement in his paid political ad, “There comes a time when it no longer matters if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, Liberal, or Conservative.”

How can anyone deny that liberals oppose Second Amendment rights and strongly support divisive social issues like abortion, homosexual marriage, global warming, and extending state term limits?

Votes on all these controversial issues will be influenced by a senator’s conservative or liberal philosophy.

It seems that Sullivan, as a candidate, is straddling the fence on several issues – not a good omen for what he will do if he gets elected.

Bryan Luster
Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

About the Incident:

A school discipline form provided by the boy’s mother and signed by Sullivan says the child was suspended because he “took a chicken strip off his plate, pointed it at (a teacher) and said ‘Pow, pow, pow,’ like he was shooting her.”

Sullivan said punishment for a threat “depends on the tone, the demeanor, and in some manner you judge the intent. It’s not the object in the hand, it’s the thought in the mind. Is a plastic fork worse than a metal fork? Is a pencil a weapon?”

Note: Judging the thought in the mind is dangerous indeed and could lead to all kinds of tyranny.  It leads to all kinds of injustice and hate crime laws proposed by liberals.

Who wants to be judged by their thoughts rather than their actions?