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not-fair-1Progressives have it down pat – saying things that make no real sense or have any truth to them, but saying them in a convincing manner that, repeated enough times, is accepted as truth.

One respected conservative is quoted as saying “You cannot win an argument based on fact with a liberal – they do not deal in fact, only feeling, and not consistently in that.”

One progressive mantra is fairness. Democrat don’t talk about responsibility, hard work, or any of the myriad other things that contribute to success, and instead say “it isn’t fair (insert cause of the day).” We assume that “fair” means all parties are treated the same in a given transaction.

For example, the fine would be the same for a rich man or a poor man who exceeded the speed limit by the same amount in the same place. That’s fair.

In the progressive/Democrat world, the rich man should pay more because he can afford to. That might be correct if fines were levied as a percentage of gross income, but they are not. Fines are levied in accordance to a formula that takes the infraction of law into account, not individual worth.

This unfairness inherent in progressives’ view of “fair” is why Democrats believe rich people should pay a larger percent of their income to taxes, rather than everyone owing an identical, universal percentage.

The same blind spot concerning fairness is extremely evident in Democrat rhetoric on events leading up to the most recent government closure (actually a partial closing, but “shutdown” is so much more dramatic than “partial closure”).

Some background: House Republicans tried to defund Obamacare, sending a continuing resolution (CR) to the Senate. The Senate voted it down and sent a CR fully funding Obamacare to the House, which voted it down.

The House then sent a CR to the Senate that fully funded Obamacare, but asked for several other things, including that all government workers should be enrolled in Obamacare the same as all citizens of the United States. The Senate voted it down, and the government closed down.

Unbelievably, Democrats are blaming Republicans for not compromising. The Democrat-controlled Senate says it wants a “clean CR” (one with no amendments at all) and will not change its position.

Republicans then modify their request in response to Democrat demands.

So who’s refusing to compromise?

Democrats will spin this issue until Republicans are blamed. Makes no sense and not truthful, but a successful tactic that might be accepted as truth – as long as no one calls them on it.

It’s certainly not fair.

— Submitted by Veritas