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thinzWe often see topics we’d like to explore, but there’s never enough time to follow up on all of them.

So starting with this post, we will periodically collect those “Things to Think About” — short stubs of info and/or quotes with their sources that we find interesting, in hopes you may find something useful.

For now:

Conway City Council is amending the landscape requirements for car dealers to add canopy or understory trees lining their parking areas.  In the ordinance we noticed:

Whereas, the City of Conway desires to create an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable community;

There’s that “sustainable” word again — watch out!


Interesting website:


A new (to us) endeavor by Brent Bozell, founder and President of the Media Research Center (biggest media watchdog in America):

Per the site: “ForAmerica’s mission is to reinvigorate the American people with the principles of American exceptionalism: personal freedom, personal responsibility, a commitment to Judeo-Christian values, and a strong national defense.

“We believe in limited government with Constitutionally-enumerated powers only.  We believe that the size of the federal government should be dramatically reduced and that government’s regulatory stranglehold on the free enterprise system should be lifted.  We believe in freedom.”


According to Arkansas Business, hospitals in the state are “worried about the impact of insurance exchanges:”

While hospital executives across the state welcomed the opening of the health insurance marketplace last Tuesday, several said they were worried about its financial impact.

BJ Roberts is assistant vice president of fiscal services at Searcy’s White County Medical Center.  He says payments for treating newly insured patients might not be enough to cover the constraints applied to Medicare reimbursements that were made to help pay for the Affordable Care Act.

And here we thought the reason our Legislators shoved the private option Medicare expansion down our throats was because “hospitals couldn’t afford to stay in business” otherwise.  This one’s a head scratcher, for sure.


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