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hillThat new book — “Double Down” by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann — claims President Obama considered dumping Vice President Joe Biden in favor of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to improve the president’s re-election prospects.

The book says Team Obama scrapped the plan after focus groups showed the switch wouldn’t help President Obama’s standings.

Obama aide David Plouffe is refuting the claim on Twitter.  But former White House Chief of Staff William Daley said it was “due diligence” to help the then-struggling campaign:

“You have to remember, at that point the president was in awful shape, so we were like, ‘Holy Christ, what do we do?'”

Pretty funny to us.  Making decisions via the polls ensures you will be whip-sawed on a daily basis — as we’ve seen Obama do time and time again — but never mind that.

Hillary’s poll numbers, even compared to Biden’s, didn’t help her with Obama.

Big take-away:  Doesn’t say much for her chances in 2016, does it?