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Common Core FailsWe know many, many teachers across the country are against the implementation of Common Core, even though most feel intimidated by their schools and school boards to keep their opinions quiet lest they lose their jobs.

Read for yourself what some teachers are saying about the travesty of Common Core after they have reviewed the curriculum.

Students are catching on, too:

Patrick Richardson in Arkansas

Arkansas high school student Patrick Richardson informs on Common Core facts with a tenacious, no nonsense wit and is frequently asked to speak on talk radio and take interviews.

Patrick’s impressive, succinct analyses of many large, wordy Common Core documents like Race to The Top, The State Fiscal Stabilization Fund, and the PARCC agreement reveal details of Common Core that we all should understand.

As he researches the Common Core Standards and its aligned test, curricula and longitudinal data systems, Patrick continues to reveal the truth of Common Core with presentations like this one from October, 2013: (viral video – PLEASE SHARE!)

In Tennessee, this young man invokes the Founding Fathers in his scathing rebuke of Common Core: (viral video – PLEASE SHARE!)

Read more about Common Core in our state at, and