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reeCongress is on the verge of passing another, more expensive, budget, and we want No Empty Promises on wasteful government spending!

ACTION ITEM: Contact Senator Mark Pryor and Congressman Steve Womack NOW and tell them so.

ACTION ITEM: Bring friends and family to the Faulkner County Tea Party meeting THURSDAY NIGHT (December 12) at 7 pm at the McGee Center to hear from Americans for Prosperity about No Empty Promises.

ACTION ITEM: Spread the word any way you can (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, e-mail, etc.) so other patriots can tell their lawmakers “No Empty Promises.”


It is imperative that Congress vote NO on legislation providing funds for fiscal year 2014 that exceeds $967 billion (current levels):

The “Ryan-Murray Deal” is bad for taxpayers; increases federal spending by another $1 trillion.

The “deal” violates the 2011 Budget Control Act previously agreed upon by Congress and the President.

Congress must limit FY2014 discretionary spending levels to $967 billion — which keeps the sequester cuts in place, sticks to the Budget Control Act and returns to pre-Stimulus levels.

Despite the Obama administration’s best effort to make the sequestration cuts “hurt,” nothing horrible resulted.  Upcoming sequestration military cuts can be offset by cuts elsewhere (just like Congress has done before on other sequestration cuts) without raising overall spending.

Congress should not “turn off” sequestration through a combination of tax increases and promises to cut spending even further in the future, as it did during the Fiscal Cliff deal in January.

Conservatives fought hard to get these spending caps enacted in the first place; we need to keep fighting to make sure Congress sticks to its PROMISES.