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Twas the month before Christmas and all through the City
Our Christmas tree sparkles and downtown is pretty.
The rest of the City is bathed in despair
As there are no lights or trees residing there.

The A&P paid for a tree that would light
From the courthouse to freeway with Christmas delight.
But out on Dave Ward, on Hogan, on Prince
There will be no paid Christmas light, and there’s no defense.

The merchants out there sell burgers and fries
Just like those in downtown, or so we surmise.
But the A&P interest, or so we do hear
Is to build up tourism, and downtown is where.

They don’t come to Donaghey, or Toad Suck, and such
They’re here just for hotels and ballparks and lunch
So the rest of the town pays the tax, to be clear
But we just don’t exist as the holidays near.

So here’s what to do when that tree they do light:
Go visit and see it, and tell them they’re right.
It dresses up downtown, of that there’s no doubt.
Too bad everyone else has just been left out.