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conway-uiFrom October 2012 to October 2013, the unemployment rate in Conway increased by nine tenths of a percent, from 6% to 6.9%, says Conway statistician Roger Lewis, meaning unemployment is 13% higher now than a year ago.

Unemployment in Conway increased at a higher rate than in Arkansas as a whole, where the rate increased four-tenths of a percent, Lewis reports, and at a higher rate than in Faulkner County, where the rate increased by six-tenths of a percent.

Lewis notes,

“These are not comforting figures and they are not restricted to a one-year analysis.  Unless there is a sharp decline in unemployment figures in November and December, Conway’s unemployment rate for 2013 will be the highest in 20 years.”


Roger Lewis, a long-time local business statistician, records and analyzes many local economic measures at his Pulse of Conway website.  His reports regularly appear in The Log Cabin Democrat, among other news outlets.