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Governor Mike Beebe continues to arm-twist to try and get his way with Medicaid expansion/Obamacare/the “private” option.

Last spring we kept hearing about threats the Governor and his “people” were making to obtain “yes” votes from state lawmakers, everything from shutting down a business providing an entire family’s livelihood to withdrawing state business (revenue) from other entities and “ruining someone’s reputation” in other parts of the state.

Now he again turns his arm-twisting on us taxpayers by twisting the facts about Arkansas’ role in all this.

In today’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Beebe said,

….some people just don’t like anything to do with Washington or anything to do with Obamacare.

But that is not based upon the fact that Arkansas is paying for it whether we get it or not and we are just going to send our money to other states and [will be] leaving our own people out, and that logic has never been refuted, even once.

As reported by,

I was startled by Governor Beebe’s comments in the Democrat-Gazette this morning.  He gave a brief and pithy explanation of the federal budgetary processes that justify Medicaid expansion.

Unfortunately, his explanation was not only brief and pithy, but obviously wrong — and has been refuted repeatedly by health care policy experts across the country.

Beebe is flat wrong that Arkansas’s money will go to other states.

It’s been pointed out to Beebe before, yet he continues to say Arkansas is “paying for Obamacare” and that our “money will go to other states” if Arkansas doesn’t “use our money” within the state.

Either Governor Beebe doesn’t understand how federal-state funding works, or he’s twisting the facts to twist our arms like he did the lawmakers in Little Rock last April when they passed the “private option.”

Wonder which it is?  Does it matter?