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kingBy now you’ve probably seen or heard this: President Obama now presumes to say he “won’t wait on Congress” to pass legislation. 

“I have a pen,” he pronounces, going on to say he’ll just continue using the power of executive orders to impose even more of his will on America throughout the last of his lame-duck term.

Funny, but I distinctly heard something else when he was talking.  I absolutely heard

I don’t give a damn for the Constitution, three equal branches of government with checks and balances.  I certainly do not care what you, the people, or the world think of me — or our government.

I won’t wait on the rule of law and due process for you people to get what I have deemed to be what’s best for you.

Don’t you hear it, too?  How long will we, the electorate, live with this blatant disrespect for our country and our freedoms?  This must stop or America and her people will lose all.

He doesn’t give a damn, DON’T YOU?