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vote-else— Submitted by VERITAS

You are expected to obey the law.  No questions, no arguments, just obey the law.

This is the United States of America, and our democratic republic is founded on the basic fact that laws are passed by Congress, approved by the Executive, and obeyed by all of us.  No exceptions.

Nobody is better than, above, immune, excepted, or otherwise protected from living by the same laws as everybody else according to the Constitution.

Unless, of course, you look at Congress’ habit of passing laws that they except themselves from.  Or the executive branch, where they not only except themselves from laws, but recently have also taken to suspending, modifying, or excepting lobbying groups from laws everyone else has to obey.

Obamacare is probably the most easily recognized example of executive abuse.  Deadlines written into the law have been delayed by executive fiat — not really allowed by a Constitution that requires that Congress pass laws and the President either signs or return them with comments.

king-oNowhere does it say that the President can choose who to apply the law to or when, just that he is responsible to enforce it.  Not parts of it, or those sections he agrees with, but the law.  All of it.

This president believes he is a caudillo.  He’s not.  He’s a poor leader who speaks well when he has a prepared text but has yet to actually lead and is nearly illiterate when he does not have a prepared speech.

He’s a community organizer in the worst Rules for Radicals tradition, using all twelve rules to divide and conquer.  Saul Alinsky would be proud, but the majority of us are not; we are disgusted.

And not only disgusted with the President.  Congress deserves a big, wet, raspberry.  There are no longer real Republicans or real Democrats in Congress.  What is actually there are the RINO and DINO wings of the Re-Electocrat party.

republicratThey may fuss and fight to make their wing of the party the majority, but things do not change very much whoever is in power.  The government is supposed to represent us, their constituents; they actually represent the lobbyists and well-heeled special interest groups that contribute to their campaigns and demand access in return.

Their legislative decisions are made for two reasons only. First and foremost is to insure they get reelected.  Second is to satisfy the special interest groups that own them lock, stock, and barrel.  If a law actually benefits the public, it’s a lagniappe, an unexpected bonus.

So what do we do?

eyeForget political speeches.  Start looking at what these vermin actually vote for.  It’s not their words, but their actions, so start monitoring what they do.

Next, forget about political parties.  If a candidate has mostly voted in a way that you find agreeable, has mostly supported the causes you find worthy, and hasn’t lied to their constituents, vote for them.

When we say mostly, we mean exactly that.  If you will not support a candidate that you do not agree with 100%, you’d better run for office.  So look for the one that you mostly agree with.

One last thing to do.  Our Constitution guarantees you the right to speak truth to power.  Do it.

Call BS publicly every time a politician lies, twists the truth, or selectively edits what you’re told.  This requires that you actually have opinions based on facts, so you’ll have to read and research the issues.

When you call them out, you’ll be educating others.  Everyone except the politician benefits then.


“The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate”
– Thomas Jefferson

‘Nuff said.