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dc799798aa3ab1e254796aea90017889It’s been up for two months now.  Heck, Mardi Gras is early this year — on March 4.  What’s a few more weeks to have a Happy Mardi Gras Tree?  THAT would surely bring more tourists to Conway!

The City of Conway has finally arranged for Get Lit to dismantle the tree that still towers over downtown Conway a month after Christmas — at their expense, not the City’s.  After all, Mayor Townsell keeps citing the fact that Get Lit is “local,” and thus the best tree vendor because “they’re two hours away so they can service the product” more easily.

The vendor is Two Hours away, and Two Months have passed — For the money, Conway absolutely got that quick and easy “local vendor” response!

‘Wanna donate to some Mardi Gras tree decorations??