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carryPatriots of Act 746 sponsors an “Open Carry Walk” in Conway this Saturday, January 4, starting at Colton’s Steakhouse on Oak Street at 11 am.

When the Arkansas Legislature passed Act 746 this past spring, open carry activists across the state seized the opportunity to “peacefully associate in public with visible, holstered handguns.”

Since the Act was passed, several other activists across Arkansas have held similar events, with no arrests or issues reported.

Act 746 “Decriminalizes” Lawful Carry

20th Judicial District Prosecutor Cody Hiland has told local law enforcement officials that necessary use of a weapon for the defense of oneself or another “can be both right and lawful” under Arkansas law.

He went on to say that, when the Legislature included the word “unlawfully” in Act 746, the effect was to

decriminalize the carry of lawful weapons, including handguns, by citizens not otherwise prohibited from possessing them … so long as the citizen in question does not carry his or her weapon with the purpose of attempting to use it unlawfully against a person.