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eResidents who question the expenditure of $130,000 in tax funds on a huge Christmas tree for downtown Conway got another surprise last week.

Get Lit, where Conway purchased the tree, will only take it down for an extra fee — estimated at as much as $5,000.  And, they say they will fix the problem with the unlit tree, but there will be no refund on purchase price to the City.

This, after resident David Crow talked with other tree vendors who all agreed the original price of $130,000 was “on the extreme high end,” with one vendor saying they would have discounted at least 40% from that asking price for an order of this magnitude.

Like many, we wonder at the wisdom of this purchase — even though allowed by the Advertising & Promotion laws.  Especially when Conway Mayor Tab Townsell is pushing new taxes and fees to make up for a Conway 2014 city budget shortfall.

Sure the “hamburger tax” can’t be spent like City funds, but do Conway employees really need city-paid gym memberships when the budget has a “shortfall?” (Another topic for another day!)

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