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freeI was at a local restaurant this morning and sat behind a group of jubilant individuals celebrating the implementation of Obamacare.

I could not finish my breakfast  Here’s what I heard.

They were a diverse group of several races and both sexes.  I heard a young man exclaim, “Isn’t Obama like Jesus Christ?  I mean, after all, he is healing the sick.”

A young woman enthusiastically proclaimed, “Yeah, and he does it for free.  I cannot believe anyone would think that a free market wouldn’t work for health care.”

Another gal said, “The stupid Republicans want us all to starve to death so they can inherit all the power.  Obama should be made a saint for what he did for those of us less fortunate.”

At this, I had more than enough.  I arose from my seat, mustering all the restraint I could find, and approached their table….

(More tomorrow on the Free House)