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club-for-growth-2013-scorecardThis week the Club for Growth released its Congressional Scorecard for 2013, ranking our national lawmakers on its measures of key economic freedom votes.

Of our whole Congressional delegation, Representative Tom Cotton scored the highest with 92%, while Senator John Boozman was second with a score of 70% (down from his lifetime score of 72%).  Interestingly, although many would say Senator Boozman has a conservative voting record, the next best ranked Senator on the list is John McCain of Arizona with a 71% score.

Moving down the ranks, both Representative Tim Griffin and Steve Womack scored 63%, although Griffin’s score is down from his lifetime score of 68% while Womack’s score this year is 6 points higher than his lifetime score of 57%.

Representative Eric Crawford comes next (last among the Republican lawmakers), his score of 60% slightly better than his lifetime score of 57%.

Bringing up the rear is Senator Mark Pryor with a score of 12%, even lower than his lifetime score of 16%.

(More details, including methodology the Club for Growth used)

According to the website, Club for Growth is “a national network of thousands of pro-growth Americans, from all walks of life, who believe that prosperity and opportunity come through economic freedom. We work to promote public policies that encourage a high growth economy and a swift return to America’s founding principles primarily through legislative involvement, issue advocacy, research, training and educational activity.”

The Club for Growth’s PAC — a totally separate entity — is to provide financial support from Club members to viable Congressional candidates “who believe in pro-growth policies, limited government, low taxes and economic freedom, both in Republican primaries and general elections.”