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ace-spadesIf the tussle over funding the private option in the Arkansas Legislature were a poker game, the Arkansas House just bluffed its way to play another day.

Today, in the first consideration of HB1150 in the current fiscal session, the House voted against funding the state HHS budget through June of 2015 by 70 – 27.

Remember there were repeated votes during the last session that ended in peeling off several “NO” lawmakers, resulting in the passage of the private option — the largest intrusion of government in Arkansas history.

We sincerely appreciate those Representatives (of We the People) who are looking beyond this legislative session — they must truly understand the total financial ruin in store for Arkansas if we continue expanding a program we cannot afford today.

They must truly understand today’s Arkansas Legislature can only make informed votes on the facts today — not on what we may hope the facts will be at some future point in time.

Speaker Davy Carter says the House “will vote as many times as necessary” until the bill is passed.  The next vote will be tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon.

We’ll say it again:  When a legislator votes on principles there are no trade-offs that can change that position/vote.  We know there are better ways to accomplish health care reform in our state, if that is truly our aim.

Please hold strong.  We the People need you to do that, and we will stand beside you, no matter how many votes it takes.


Rep. Randy Alexander
Rep. Bob Ballinger
Rep. Jonathan Barnett
Rep. Les Carnine
Rep. Ann Clemmer
Rep. Bruce Cozart
Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh
Rep. Jim Dotson
Rep. Charlotte Douglas
Rep. Joe Farrer
Rep. Charlene Fite
Rep. Bill Gossage
Rep. Kim Hammer
Rep. Justin Harris
Rep. Debra Hobbs
Rep. Karen Hopper
Rep. John Hutchison
Rep. Lane Jean
Rep. Alan Kerr
Rep. David Meeks
Rep. Stephen Meeks
Rep. Josh Miller
Rep. John Payton
Rep. Terry Rice
Rep. Mary Slinkard
Rep. Bruce Westerman
Rep. Richard Womack