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smackYet another crack popped up in the Arkansas conservative activists base when Americans for Prosperity-Arkansas sent a letter Monday to the Arkansas House saying it “would not score” the House vote on HB1150 (funding the HHS, thus the private option through June 2015).

Grassroots activists immediately howled, saying that sending the letter before any initial floor vote is “giving up before the fight even began,” as Nic Horton of The Arkansas Project said on radio Tuesday.

Jason Cline of AFP-Arkansas explained, “Speaker Carter says he’ll continue to call for a vote every day,” and points out, “Sure we have the votes to say ‘no,’ but is there any way to get the 75 votes needed to pass a budget?”

Cline says PO proponents will ensure that GOP “no” voters are beat up in the press fighting a battle proponents cannot “win” — which could jeopardize (perceived) GOP victories in other races.

Cline explained that AFP-Arkansas would “continue to hold Arkansas legislators accountable” for the original PO vote last spring, regardless of how they vote in this fiscal session.

Cline seems to agree with the strategy proposed by Rep. Nate Bell in HB1150 when he (Cline) argued for waiting “until we can win this fight” by going forward with funding now until the next (non-fiscal) Legislative session, where the program can be “made better.”

Grassroots activists want to stop the forward momentum of growing government and ever-expanding state and federal budgets we cannot afford.

Whether that position is only ideological (and thus unwinnable) has yet to be seen, but neither can any of us know if waiting can or will make it better.

Or do we?