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No ObamacareOn the fifth try, and after the Arkansas Senate passed it, the private option expansion of Medicaid in Arkansas was funded by the House today in a 76-24 vote.

We congratulate — and sincerely appreciate — the lawmakers who held the conservative line, understanding that economics simply will not allow this plan to go forward, despite today’s vote.  We can only imagine the unbelievable pressure they withstood over the last few days and weeks.

Rep. Randy Alexander
Rep. Bob Ballinger
Rep. Jonathan Barnett
Rep. Ann Clemmer
Rep. Bruce Cozart
Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh
Rep. Jim Dotson
Rep. Charlotte Douglas
Rep. Joe Farrer
Rep. Charlene Fite
Rep. Bill Gossage
Rep. Justin Harris
Rep. Debra Hobbs
Rep. Karen Hopper
Rep. John Hutchison
Rep. Lane Jean
Rep. Alan Kerr
Rep. David Meeks
Rep. Stephen Meeks
Rep. Josh Miller
Rep. John Payton
Rep. Terry Rice
Rep. Bruce Westerman

along with
Senator Cecile Bledsoe
Senator Alan Clark
Senator John Cooper
Senator Jim Hendren
Senator Bart Hester
Senator Missy Irvin
Senator Bryan King
Senator Gary Stubblefield