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walmart2Don’t let Walmart make you feel all “special,” Arkansas.  Looks like we’re probably only the latest customer taxpayers to learn of Walmart’s Big Business bullying its way into communities to up-end alcohol sales laws that local citizens voted into place.

Just look to states like Florida and Kansas.

Florida has what most would say are pretty liberal alcohol laws:  Grocery stores sell beer and wine.  You can only buy hard liquor in liquor stores (or in the numerous grocery store/liquor stores, like Walmart, with separate entrances).  If you’ve been to Florida you know that purchasing alcohol is extremely convenient.

But Walmart (along with others) is not satisfied with that, so is promoting a bill in the Florida legislature that would put hard liquor sales into grocery stores.

Maybe we should have looked to neighboring Kansas three years ago.

That’s when Walmart began pushing a bill there to allow grocery and convenience stores to sell alcoholic beverages stronger than 3.2 percent beer.

We were never fans of the way Walmart comes into neighborhoods and essentially causes existing and unique small mom-and-pop businesses to shutter their doors (they cannot compete on price, you see).  These alcohol initiatives should give you another clear look at the corporate Big Bully that is Walmart; family values are not a strong suit.

Awake yet?  Prices may be low, but at what cost to our quality of life?