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decine-to-signFaulkner County learned recently that the Our Community, Our Dollars committee has targeted us (along with Saline and Craighead Counties) as the next Arkansas areas to go “wet,” to allow open alcohol sales in convenience, grocery, and package stores.

As has been the case with many other encroachments on our personal liberties, this is one of those “done deals” that have been foisted on us too many times lately.

In this case, Conway leaders welcomed Kum and Go convenience stores to our town and several have been built within the last year or so.  Turns out Kum and Go, along with Kroger and Walmart, are major drivers behind the Our Community, Our Dollars initiative.

Guess who’s making the major money on alcohol sales in Faulkner County convenience and grocery stores?

With “big money” corporations like these behind such a push, it’s no wonder we didn’t hear anything about this until this group had hired professional signature gatherers to “help”.

Too bad local taxpayers who want to do an initiative don’t have these financial resources to work with — and when we asked Walmart and Kroger to allow us to gather signatures at their stores we were told “No, your activities are political and we don’t allow that.”

Some good citizens, huh?  Another case of money driving the conversation — in this case, to the detriment of a carefully considered vote by local citizens to have private clubs only as a way to control the undesirable element associated with the open public sales of alcohol.

Seems to us citizens should be driving this process, expressing both our opinions and viewpoints to reach a resolution.  This is not such a situation, so you should DECLINE TO SIGN those petitions.  They’re just a pretense to give you the illusion that Walmart / Kum and Go care about your input; it’s only your money they want.