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3.5.14-CottonVersusPryor-480x480We just don’t know how much worse it can get.

Politicians talk about “mis-stating” their positions and “stretching the truth” (as if plain facts are “stretchable”).  This beats all.  You’ve heard about it…

Just listen to the owner of Mayflower RV — in hs own words — tell how the Pryor campaign “blatantly lied” about filming an anti-Tom-Cotton tv ad on his tornado-ravaged property, all the while promising “help you need to clean up” after the tragedy.  Doug Boydston told The Paul Harrell show:

Pryor, whose Senate career votes mirror Obama’s positions 95% of the time, clearly believes the ends justify any means — and this is about as low as it goes.

Mr. Pryor, we knew your Dad.  Would he have been proud of you for this?

We’re facing some very rough times ahead and trust will be key.  Pryor is so willing to “blatantly lie” to win this race; what makes us think he’d do anything less in office? (Oh, snap, we’ve seen this behavior from Pryor before…  Arkansas doesn’t need more of Pryor’s style of politics!

Arkansas voters know Tom Cotton has the honesty and integrity we need for our next U.S. Senator.