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free-RITAmoneyDon Bradley from UCA visited the Faulkner County Tea Party (by invitation) a couple weeks ago to give his viewpoint on the Regional Intermodal Transportation Authority (RITA) project here in Faulkner County.

Bradley emphasizes the financial aspects of the RITA — that start-up money “is coming out of our pockets because we believe in it (the RITA).”

“We can do this without any money to get started. People on the board are not paid, they don’t get salaries; there’s no money for transportation. They’re doing what I’ve done, what Mr. Nabholz has done in helping me with this, what David Meeks has done because he’s been in the beginning of this, Jason Rapert. None of us have gotten a dime from anybody; it’s coming out of our pockets.”

Bradley says the RITA project will bring “300,000 to 400,000 combined total estimated jobs created in the first five years” across “all areas of the intermodal process.”

“We’re trying to get across to people that we’re trying to get a study that can go out and be sold to businesses.”

 Bradley heavily emphasized the “free money” (federal and state tax money) the project requires.

Damon Edwards, Faulkner County Justice of the Peace, commented on the “free money” Bradley talked about:

Maybe I am wrong but the last time I checked any State or Federal dollars used as grants or governmental loans are still tax dollars, and it is you and I that pay those taxes.

If our State and Federal Tax dollars are going to be used as grants or governmental loans, I for one, would like for someone to show me a believable return on investment.

Edwards highlighted the bottom line:  Any time local leaders talk about state or federal tax dollars (that “free money”) they are talking about Your Money that you paid in taxes.  GIF (general improvement funds) given out to state legislators are a result of your taxes.

C’mon, we all know there’s no such thing as “free money.” Isn’t it time Don Bradley and other pro-Rita leaders came clean about that?