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I want street ball government.  The moment of epiphany came to me while watching my son play street ball.

My son is one part basketball crazy and two parts fearless, and he has got game.

He had me drive him to a playground where they choose up for full court games any given day.  Twelve guys, 3 look his size, the rest start at a foot taller and double his weight, high school.

I watched them play.  They chose sides.  A natural unwritten etiquette played out.

It was like multiple games were going on at once.  They played man to man, but when one of the guys my son’s size got the ball everyone gave him space and my son defended….it was like a one on one within the regular game.

The team captains played out much the same, possibly because no one could guard either one but the other.

I remembered the organized league gym basketball team on which he recently played.  The contrasts were amazing.

– street ball had no coach, no referees, and no organizational planning meetings

– In the organized league there was a try out with different stations, and a complex scoring system on skills in order to centrally plan competitive teams.  Their team won their first game by 40 points.  Every street ball game was a war, a glorious grudge match.

– The organized church league needed to lecture the coaches and parents on not arguing calls.  The self policing street ball game went on without much of a care, because the ball never lies.

– The church league game had what seemed like a million stoppages, the street ball game stopped for one thing: to choose sides for the next game.

– The organized league season was 300 bucks, 16 practices and 8 games over 8 weeks.  Streetball was free, zero practices, 6 games, one day, after school until dark.

– The organized league was organized by an ascerbic pear shaped man who had a whistle, a clipboard, bermuda shorts, black socks and sandals.  The street ball league is run by the team captain of each team, who choose sides, decide calls, move things along.  You got to be team captain by having the best game on.

– Streetball is democratic, consensus driven. Organized ball is — not.

I think meritocracy kicks central planning’s ass 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

I want street ball government.

I want street ball government.  I want the department of education to cease to exist.  I want doctors to treat the sick, not government officials.

I want street ball government.

Originally published on now-defunct on July 14, 2014