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sweet-suitBy now we hope you know about sweetheart lawsuits and the inevitable taking of your personal property rights as a result of this abuse of our judicial system.  If you remember the fight against the White River Blueway — which was just a proposal — then you’ll instinctively understand why “the muckets and the mussels” are a much, much bigger threat.

It’s not only because the critical habitat is already underway (not a proposal), but because the ramifications are so much more dramatic than the Blueway ever would have been.  Estimates are this critical habitat designation will cost Arkansas tourism and agricultural interests about $3 BILLION and a half-million jobs!

And, remember we told you the “muckets and mussels” suit was not the only lawsuit CBD has filed, both in Arkansas and across the country?

Over 370 different animal species across the southeast United States should be categorized as “endangered” under the Endangered Species Act (“ESA”) — so said Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in 2011 when he signed a settlement to sweetheart lawsuits between the Center for Biological Diversity and the U.S. Department of Justice.

The regulatory process requires a cost-benefit analysis, with the intent of demonstrating that the benefit to the animals is “less costly” than the cost of associated regulations on private landowners.

Until last year many economic factors were considered; however, in 2013 the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service changed its rules so these cost-benefit analyses cover only the costs of the critical habitat designation as shared between government agencies, completely ignoring the regulatory and compliance costs to landowners!

And now the USFWS is considering more rules changes that would extend critical habitat from places where these animals currently exist to any geographical area that might conceivably support those species, as well as water rules that effectively give EPA control over any water on your property.

We can’t emphasize enough:  Because of the sheer number of these sweetheart lawsuits and these types of rules changes, it is virtually guaranteed the environmentalist groups get everything they want via these lawsuits, while private property owners will be left with property they bought but over which they have no control.  (In many cases affected landowners aren’t even aware of these threats to their property rights until lawsuits are concluded and settlements are in place, because landowners are not part of the lawsuits as either the plaintiff or the defendant.)

It’s imperative that YOU get informed and engaged on this issue.  We stopped the White River Blueway idea, which was just a proposal.  This is REAL, it’s going on NOW, and it WILL AFFECT property owners in Arkansas.

VISIT Arkansas Land Grab on Facebook to get more details, then contact your county and state elected officials.  Tell them to stop this EPA overreach in Arkansas!