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ritaFaulkner County, along with two neighboring counties, is considering a Regional Transportation Intermodal Authority (RITA) as an economic improvement project, but local conservatives are asking many questions that have yet to be answered.  For example,

From the Log Cabin Democrat, August 2014

From the Log Cabin Democrat,
August 2014

* Exactly how many barges and what kind of cargo moves up and down the Arkansas River now?

* How has the RITA worked in Ft. Smith? (Dr. Don Bradley mentioned it as a success and model.)

* How about the other RITAs in Arkansas? Where are they and what did they cost to build? What has their economic impact been so far?

* How much did the Ft. Smith RITA cost in both public & private money? What have the ongoing costs been and who pays?

* How many jobs has the Ft. Smith RITA created? What industries have benefited the most?

* If Helena’s RITA was a failure, what caused it to fail? How much money did that failure cost?

This is an important issue that affects our economy, taxes we pay (might have to pay in the future) and our tax base from many angles.  We should be having a huge public conversation about these concerns before the Quorum Court makes its final call!

Don’t you have questions about the proposed RITA?  Take your concerns to your local Justice of the Peace now, as the Quorum Court will finalize Faulkner County’s future on this matter very soon.