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equal-not-specialArkansas’ Family Council recently released a couple of policy briefs addressing Fayetteville’s recent decision to pass its “Chapter 119 gender non-discrimination” ordinance — one analyzing the legislation and one written after the amendments to the ordinance were passed.

Even though the Fayetteville Council amended the proposed ordinance before passage, the Family Council finds the far-reaching legislation:

♦  Still opens churches, private schools, and religious people who own businesses to the threat of criminal prosecution;

♦  Opens some ministers, individually, to the possibility of criminal prosecution; and

♦  Still does not prevent a man who claims to be a woman from using women’s restrooms, showers, locker rooms, or changing areas at businesses and public locations

Another major problem with this ordinance is the lack of due process as promised in our Constitution.  Our legal system requires an accuser under the law to prove the defendant actually committed the act for which they are accused.

Under Fayetteville’s law, the very fact that an accusation is made means the accused stands guilty as charged!  The law’s proponents clearly do not believe in “innocent until proven guilty,” expecting their feelings about their sexual identity to trump the Constitution.

Contact your leislators today and tell them to support efforts already underway in the Arkansas Legislature to block these types of ordinances in Arkansas!