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rapert1Our Republican Senator Jason Rapert remains, by a long mile, a strong conservative voice in the state Senate District 35 race in Faulkner County, despite his “YES” vote on Arkansas’ private option in the spring of 2013 that caused grassroots supporters more than a little heartburn.

As we all know, Senator Rapert has sparred frequently and spiritedly on Facebook and Twitter with many who object to his vote on that issue, as well as his stands against abortion and other conservative positions.  The conversations seem to be causing a change on Rapert’s behalf.

Here’s what he said just a week or so ago on the Faulkner County TEA Party’s Facebook page (in a related discussion):

As bad as I hated the fact Obamacare was passed by the federal government, upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court and then America elected Obama again – we lost those key debates.

And the Arkansas legislature withstood it as long as we can without hurting our communities.  As for Arkansas, our legislature tried to do the best we could so we could survive until Obamacare is thrown out hopefully in the future.

I personally agreed to vote for the Private Option because ZERO state tax dollars get spent until 2017.

I have advised all concerned that if their numbers do not work out as a net positive for Arkansas, I will vote to overturn the PO.  That has been my position from day one.

We must overturn the PO before Arkansas hits up against that hard deadline of 2017 when our state’s bill with the feds will become due.

Re-elect Senator Rapert, then Let’s show him how the numbers for the private option “do not work out as a net positive for Arkansas.”

OR, in November let’s just go with his opponent, Democrat Tyler Pearson, who will most certainly reject all our conservative values in the state Senate next year!