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national-groups-worthy-of-your-donationA good look at the grassroots conservative movement since 2009 reveals a stark truth: many well known national tea party groups have devolved into nothing more than moneymaking operations just like the party-aligned organizations activists want to oust.

If you feel strongly about supporting your beliefs with financial donations, find a local group or candidate to support — or your money will likely go to pay for travel and other “expenses” but not to the bottom line of electing candidates that make change happen.  If you give to Tea Party Patriots, the Madison Project, Tea Party Express, or even Sarah Palin’s PAC, consider this:

From The Daily Beast

Evidence indicates some Tea Party groups care far less about your ideals and far more about your money — taking it and making it their own.  They’re an ideological Ponzi scheme; they use donations to generate more donations, by creating sensationalistic ad campaigns to persuade donors they’re getting value, and to scare or guilt them, and new donors, into sending more donations.

tea-party-groups-expensesHere are five very recognizable organizations that spend vastly more on fundraising efforts than on support for any candidate.

In addition to sharing abysmal records of candidate giving, four of the five organizations also spent MORE than they took in over the 18-month period cited.  And in their battles against incumbent or “establishment” supported primary candidates they averaged a win apiece out of six tries.


Hardly an impressive record for this group of five, but one that highlights their lack of campaigning competency…

As many have pointed out, these are “certainly not the only political organizations that morphed from grassroots advocacy groups in 2009 to fundraising machines today, losing sight of their real mission with little or no true regard for their donors.”

But if you feel moved to support your beliefs with your pocketbook, keep your money local where you know how it’s being spent to support the specific candidates you want to elect.