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stubblefield-vs-dismanUPDATED: Senator Stubblefield has withdrawn his challenge.

by Debbie Pelley, NEA activist

Why wouldn’t every conservative Arkansas state Senator step up and support Senator Gary Stubblefield as leader of the Senate who is running against Senator Jonathan Dismang?  Dismang was one of the main architects of the state’s “Private Option” Medicaid expansion.

Contct these Republican Senators TODAY and ask them to vote for Senator Gary Stubblefield for Senate leader (Senate Pro Tempore):

Why in the world would all those Senators stand so strong against the Private Option and then vote for the Senate leader that has been the Private Option’s strongest supporter and architect?

Why would Senators campaign against one of the architects of the Private Option, John Burris, and turn around and vote for another architect of the Private Option for Senate leader?  This will make no sense to voters!

Consider that John Burris lost the primary to Scott Flippo, and opposition to the Private Option was one of the main strategies used by Republicans to get elected.

This will send a strong message to voters that the election has changed nothing.  Some of them are already furious, and more will be if the Republicans don’t step up and support Stubblefield.  Unless legislators begin to listen to the people back home instead of Little Rock insiders, they will never succeed.

I understand the vote will be private, but your support will be noticeable.  I am very grateful that Senator Stubblefield had the courage to step up and run for Senate leader and that Senator Bryan King stepped forward to support Stubblefield.