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Private Option: Poison to the Arkansas GOP?Looking out at the 2016 presidential election, between 62% and 70% of us are unlikely to continue to support a Republican who expanded Medicaid in his or her state, according to a recent poll by Uncover Obamacare.

Yet Arkansas GOP lawmakers were busy this week setting up shop to govern under one-party rule after their historic Nov 4 win, naming Democrats to key positions and taking other actions evidently aimed at continuing the state’s “bipartisan support” for the Private Option.

No one expected the overwhelming results from last week as voters whipsawed the country and our state away from onerous Progressive policies, a strong reaction to the disregard Obama and his administration have shown the conservative electorate.

But who expected our newly elected GOP government in Arkansas to display an almost identical disregard for the will of the state’s conservative voters?  (Sure takes the luster off the first “all GOP state government in 140+ years,” but we digress.)

Perhaps the question itself shows the true naivete of conservative activists here.

We know we believe in the values contained in the GOP platform.  We conservative voters largely resisted the siren call of the Libertarian Party to siphon off our votes, and the Republican ticket decidedly got the benefit.  As one central Arkansas activist said

We the People of Arkansas did not walk, call, and vote for Democrats to remain in charge.  We need conservatives chairing these committees so that real reform can take place in this state.

Whether lawmakers recognize, promote, and carry out the 2014 voters’ intentions will absolutely affect the 2016 presidential cycle, but apparently pro Private Option lawmakers are not so interested in that.

So, who is being divisive to the future of the Republican Party — lawmakers bent on continuing a financially ruinous socialist program proven to be based on lies, or folks who believe in conservative values and are intent to carry them out?

Ah, the Private Option — our state’s unique saving grace or political poison for conservative majority rule in Arkansas?