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obama-attack-christianityNo other U.S. President has ever vilified our country’s foundations like Obama did on National Prayer Day when he paired Christianity with ISIS, saying “during the Crusades, people committed terrible things in the name of Christ.”

We print this online, self-described “unscientific poll” in response:

I’m just checking.  Have any of you seen any of the following:

Methodists beheading hostages?
Catholics performing genital mutilations?
Baptists making IEDs?
Mormon suicide bombers?
Presbyterians setting fire to people in cages?
Jehovah Witnesses hanging homosexuals?
Pentecostals crucifying atheists?
Congregationalists raping goats?
Quakers shooting RPGs?
Mennonites tossing people off of buildings?
Amish honor killings?

If so, please list the location and date.  I haven’t seen any of this EVER.  Please share.  I am doing an unscientific poll.