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rep-josh-miller-on-sb96Representative Josh Miller has sharply questioned the proponents of Senator Jim Hendren’s SB96 that would extend the Private Option through 2016 and set up a Task Force to revamp the entire Medicaid program.

After the House Public Health Committee’s “do pass” voice vote yesterday, Miller said

Folks are not very trusting right now, and rightfully so.  It’s hard to vote on something when you can’t see in plain English in the bill what’s going to happen.

He went on to add

“There is a general lack of trust in our government right now…. I think if you go back and look at the last election, look at how folks spoke, I don’t think our Republican leadership is in line with the sentiment of conservative, common sense voters in the state of Arkansas.”

Here’s a clip of Miller asking in Committee yesterday about block grants, saying “I don’t want to be guilty of voting on hopes and dreams….”

via Arkansas Tea Party on You Tube

Miller has also questioned SB96’s Task Force, saying, “It’s hard to have confidence in something when you don’t know who’s on it.  I think a lot of folks in Arkansas feel that way.  There’s a lack of trust right now.”