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help-us-embrace-a-new-day-in-arkansasYes, you’ve now voted Governor Hutchinson’s Private Option plan into law.

And again grassroots conservatives are howling with frustration at you lawmakers — you folks specifically elected on an anti-PO platform who, once in session, took only 3 1/2 weeks to directly oppose the explicit will of their voters.

But — setting aside concerns about the PO itself — the speed at which this coup was accomplished gives us heartburn.  On an issue the Legislature deems highly divisive (like the Private Option), it appears that all discussion and arrangements are in place by the time the public sees it addressed in Committee!

We admit we conservative taxpayers have been a bit rowdy and hard-headed in the past, but is that the reason you don’t discuss your plans with us until the votes are whipped into place?

No Time

It’s imperative that you allow time to interact with constituents about your proposals before you vote.  This didn’t happen with SB96.

Discussing the PO fights three years ago, one Senator said grassroots activists are the “most needy of all my constituents.”  We know we are some of the most engaged and most educated voters he will encounter, so our needs do reach beyond the prepackaged talking points we hear over and over.  Please let us know, by taking the time to address our concerns, that you hear us!

Many of us would probably stand against the proposal anyway, that’s true.  But here’s the thing:  We are conservatives just like you.  We want to support you; you are supposed to represent us.  We want to understand what you intend to do, so we can intelligently address the issues.  How can we possibly do that when you don’t give us that time?

Let’s pull together as conservatives and not have to painfully air our differences so publicly.  Let’s talk about facts and concerns.  Then we taxpayers don’t end up feeling shocked and rowdy, and you conservative lawmakers don’t feel you have to hide from us on divisive issues.

You asked us to trust you….we are asking you the same.  Help us embrace that New Day in Arkansas.