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four-from-faulkner-county-medicaid-task-forceFour Faulkner County legislators have been named to the Medicaid expansion / Private Option Task Force.  GOP Senators Jason Rapert and David Sanders join GOP Representatives David Meeks and Joe Farrer, along with 8 other Republicans and four Democrats, on the working committee that will determine Arkansas’ fate under President Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act legislation.

Of course, you will remember that Senators Rapert and Sanders played integral roles in the initial enabling private option legislation, while Representatives Meeks and Farrer had historically been private option opponents.   And, whatever the outcome, with the minority Democrats holding only 4 of 16 seats, overall responsibility and accountability clearly lies with GOP legislators.

House Speaker Jeremy Gillam (R) and Senate Pro Tem Jonathan Dismang (R) named these members of the Task Force yesterday:

From the House:

Rep. Reginald Murdock (D)
Rep. Deborah Ferguson (D) (on House Minority Leader Eddie Armstrong’s behalf)
Rep. Charlie Collins (R)
Rep. Justin Boyd (R)
Rep. Kim Hendren (R) (on Gillam’s behalf)
Rep. Joe Farrer (R)
Rep. David Meeks (R)
Rep. Michelle Gray (R) (on House Majority Leader Ken Bragg’s behalf)

From the Senate:

Senator Linda Chesterfield (D)
Senator Keith Ingram (D)
Senator Cecile Bledsoe (R)
Senator Jason Rapert (R)
Senator David Sanders (R)
Senator Terry Rice (R) (on Dismang’s behalf)
Senator John Cooper (R)
Senator Jim Hendren (R)