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questions-wout-answerA favorite TV comedian does a regular segment called “Questions Without Answers.”

With a bow to Michael Loftus, here’s some “Questions Without Answers” for Mayor Townsell and the Conway City Council on this ill-conceived idea of making Spirit Homes into more recreational facilities.

♦  Estimated yearly operating costs for a facility such as Mayor Townsell outlines are about $3.6 million.  (The Olympic pool by itself would cost about $250,000 / year to operate.)
The Mayor says Conway can afford this without raising taxes by charging user fees at the door.

OK, what reasonable user fee would you pay to use the place?  Ten dollars sound about right?  At $10 per person per visit, it will take about 7,000 people at the door each week (1,000 daily) to pay those operating costs!

How many families do you know who could afford to pay $10 each time they walk in the door? Remember, $10 per person means a mom with her two children must pay $30 just to go in — each time they visit.

Conway’s population is about 62,000 — but how many of those people are actual, potential participants for this facility?  To pay those operating costs each person in Conway would have to visit this place 55 to 60 times a year — at a cost of $550 to $600.

How long do you think it will take the City of Conway to raise your taxes to pay for this folly of Mayor Townsell’s?

Questions without answers, all right!