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townsells-follyA “concerned reader” penned the following verses after reading about Conway’s purchase of Spirit Homes for more recreational facilities, a project Mayor Townsell wants done.

The Council and the Mayor, you see,
say they’re just like you and me.
But we know that that’s just not true;
they’re mostly NOT like me and you.

Oh sure, they eat and, when cut, bleed
but pass new laws with lightning speed.
No readings to get in their way
when all can happen in one day!

Forget the law on readings, three;
they call it an emergency.
And buy new stuff, that can’t be bad;
not satisfied with what they had.

The streets are still a hellish mess
but parks are needed, forget the rest.
Just use some bonds on which we pay
to push debt to another day.

They’ll tax and spend with little thought
Of real need for the things they’ve bought,
And raise the debt we’ll have to pay
our children’s future thrown away!

They treat the voters like they’re crap
just knowing that they own the trap.
They’ll never, ever have to pay
cause goodies they can throw our way.

And their supporters, in every case
think fiscal care just can’t trump “Place.”
So what to do you say to me:
“You can’t fight the bureaucracy?”

You fight, you scream, you never quit
or they win, I must admit.
But there’s a bright side — Always know
You win each time you tell them “NO!”