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we-have-a-task-forceHmnn, that should be “TASK FORCES”….  Governor Asa Hutchinson named four members of the Arkansas Workforce Task Force this week: former Representative Ann Clemmer, Tori Gordon, Sheila Gunter, and Willie Jones.  The group, mandated by Act 1068, will “look for ways to increase state employee retention,” and has a deadline of December 31, 2016 for its final report.

Seeing those words makes us think about the ever-increasing growth/size of our state government employee group over the last few years — a couple years back, growth in Arkansas state government was ranked 7th in the nation.

But of course, that’s not what this Task Force is studying — they are tasked with looking at the entire workforce across the state.  (You’ll remember this is the issue former Governor Beebe and GOP Leader Davy Carter used about a year ago to secure Senator Jane English’s vote for the Private Option.)

Regardless, the number of task forces has literally exploded since Governor Hutchinson and the Republican majority took office.  And so far it seems the only workforce that is better off are those working on all those Task Forces!