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Jul 6, 2015

Gay Marriage

I cannot speak for anyone but myself, and with that stipulation this paper is meant to document my personal beliefs and feelings on the subject of gay marriage.  As what I am writing here will not be popular with most people, let me repeat:  I am not speaking for any group, church, religion, or anyone...

by Jack

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one-woman-one-manI cannot speak for anyone but myself, and with that stipulation this paper is meant to document my personal beliefs and feelings on the subject of gay marriage.  As what I am writing here will not be popular with most people, let me repeat:  I am not speaking for any group, church, religion, or anyone else except me.

Marriage is between a man and a woman.  It has been so for thousands of years.  People have been gay for longer than marriage has been recognized as the realm of one man and one woman, and gays have never “married” before, so why did they look to change the definition of marriage now?

The Holy Bible defines homosexuality as a sin.  As a believer in Jesus Christ and that the Bible is the immutable word of God, I accept that the gay lifestyle is a sin.  As a Christian I hate the sin, but love the sinner.  That makes this especially difficult to write as I know I will disappoint my gay friends; however the truth, as I believe it, must be told.

We’re immersed in the gay marriage conversation simply because government has gotten involved.

Back before government required licenses to get married — an intrusion government justified by public health concerns and enabled by the wholesale surrender of church authority by religious leaders — a man and a woman who wanted to dedicate their lives to each other and start a family went to their priest or pastor and got married.  They formalized their dedication to each other in a sacramental ceremony that sealed their relationship.

By accepting a licensing requirement we allowed the government to control who could get married, usurping church authority.  Priests and pastors became delivery vectors for a civil ceremony sanctioned by the state and added a sacramental blessing to the civil contract.

Now, in order to get votes and expand the liberal base, the state has decided the original definition of marriage is no longer appropriate.

This assuages the feelings of a small percentage of the population who, according to the Holy Bible, are living in sin while practicing a perverted lifestyle — something that in previous generations would have alienated most churches.  Not so today.

Churches Embrace Gay Lifestyle

Some Protestant churches not only embrace gay marriage, but also have gay ministers and bishops.  Enforcing the tenets against homosexuality in the Bible doesn’t stand much of a chance when a church not only embraces homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle but also has gays in positions of authority.

Let’s not forget that originally gays’ desire to formalize their relationships had more to do with rights of visitation, inheritance, provision of benefits, and a host of other wants that had nothing to do with sacramental marriage — or at least that’s what they said then.

Even though a civil contract could have provided homosexuals with these rights and privileges and government could have changed the tax and insurance laws to provide the same legal benefits provided to heterosexual married couples, it was still not enough.  What the gay activists really wanted was to take away the cachet of sacramental marriage, coarsening it to meet their needs.

Civilly they have succeeded.  Sacramentally they have failed miserably, and will continue to do so.

The civil ceremony was the last, best hope for all sides of this conversation to be satisfied.  By allowing civil ceremonies to formalize gay relationships, gays would have the rights and privileges they seek and “marriage” would have remained between a man and a woman.

It is my opinion that if gay people want to get married, it should be to someone of the opposite sex.  Otherwise it is not a marriage.

God’s Plan, Free Will

Some will say, “How can you claim that God wants gay people to suffer?  Would your God allow that?”  I do not pretend to understand God’s plan, but he does allow children to die, he allows war, he allows murder.  Why is it so inconceivable that God would allow homosexuality while also defining it as a sin?

He gave us free will, and when we go too far from the path He wants us on, he takes action.  Remember Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah.  Homosexuality is a part of His plan and we won’t understand it until we stand in front of Him, if we ever do at all.

You’ll hear people say, “Gay people cannot help being gay, they are born that way.”  Even if you subscribe to the genetic explanation of homosexuality (which some people do not), being “born that way” doesn’t require you to be that way.  Just ask a recovering alcoholic.

Genetic predisposition to alcohol addiction is a curse to Native Americans and other groups, but they are not all alcoholics.  If you subscribe to genetics as the cause of homosexuality, it follows that a “genetic homosexual” can be “cured” — or at least be in recovery the same as an alcoholic or drug abuser.

And, if you agree with the “it’s a choice” explanation for homosexuality, there is even less justification for changing marriage to accommodate the gay lifestyle.

If you believe as I do that we are all children of God, then it’s simple to understand that when we go against our parents, there are consequences.  We can deal with the punishment and then go forward living as God wishes us to, or we can continue to sin and damn the consequences.  It’s our individual choice.

Marriage according to God is between a man and a woman.  According to the state it’s between whoever wants to be married.  The limit of two participants is no more cast in stone than the combination of one man and one woman in the state’s definition.

Your Choices, Your Consequences

It is your choice how and what you believe.  The state can make laws and they must be obeyed, but you have your God-given unalienable rights as well, and they trump the state every time.

God told us to love one another, to love the sinner and hate the sin, and to do unto others.  And homosexuals are people who are entitled to the same respect you would ask for yourself — just because you may disagree with a ruling by the state is no reason to treat anyone poorly.

As a Christian I will honor my beliefs and practice my religion.  I will also treat people as I want to be treated, no matter who they are or what they believe.  The consequences of their actions are theirs alone, whether in the civil or religious venue.

I will “render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.”  And gay people will be married in the eyes of the law but not in the eyes of my religion, because that’s the way God wants it.

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