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Are We Surprised?Apparently our Republican Governor is frustrated with certain conservative GOP state lawmakers because they won’t support a gas tax hike or the party’s continuing unholy alliance with the Democrats on Obamacare in Arkansas (the Private Option).

We hear that Asa asked his staff why he wasn’t getting the same cooperation from the General Assembly that his Democrat predecessor, Mike “Cut You Off at the Knees” Beebe, got during his term. The story is that he was told “You haven’t crucified anyone yet.”

Against that backdrop, a recent tweet reveals that Asa is conducting “private” backroom conversations to oppose Rep. Josh Miller.

In late September Mike Wickline, an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter, tweeted “JR Davis adds the details of the governor’s talk with a potential candidate for Rep. Josh Miller’s seat “will remain private.” J.R. Davis is Governor Hutchinson’s mouthpiece.

A conservative activist in Rep. Miller’s district immediately sent the tweet to several GOP elected officials asking for clarification. Rep. Miller replied that he was aware a possible opponent, but that he couldn’t talk about it and Rep. John Payton also said he knew but couldn’t discuss it until the next day. Another official, GOP 1st District Chairman Tommy Land, replied “There is someone who is praying earnestly about it. But I can’t comment any further than that.”

Within 24 hours the identity of the potential candidate was no longer private — Land was named as the individual Asa was recruiting. (We understand that Land backed away from the idea after Paul Harrell discussed the Governor’s efforts on his radio show that day and the following day it appeared on Facebook. Land also told his GOP county committee in a meeting this week that he is not the candidate Asa is recruiting.)

Are we surprised at Asa? We expect “private” backroom negotiations from the Democrats. We should know by now this is what you get when you elect a DC insider as Governor, no matter which party he represents!

The party elite insists on continuing their power plays and shutting down political discourse that doesn’t fit the party’s agenda. And, no matter whether Democrats or Republicans are in power, the same tactics are deployed to twist arms and influence legislation. It’s all about the party and its success, not the people to be represented.

Are we surprised?