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to-governEveryone knows that the GOP is turning its back on conservative values and voters; their excuse is they “want to govern, not be obstructive.”

Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton ran classified American business via a private server in her basement — and the excuse, the refrain is: “Depends on the meaning of ‘classified’!”

Just like Hillary, the meaning of “to govern” depends on who you ask. GOP leadership should take a hint from the folks who gave them massive electoral majorities in the last 3 elections.

To the GOP, “to govern” apparently means working with Democrats to grow our already intrusive government (Obamacare, EPA) and blow through the barely restrictive 2011 debt limits just because President Obama and the media swoon over the idea of another government shutdown — while our GOP dominated Congress can’t even pass regular order budget/appropriation bills. “To govern” apparently means abandoning your pro-life party platform to allow Planned Parenthood to harvest baby parts with federal funding. The “conservative” GOP acts as if “governing” has nothing to do with the people they seek to govern!

To conservative voters, “to govern” is a quaint idea described in the Constitution: individual freedoms of speech and association, religious liberty, limited government, free markets, and right to own property being primary.

What’s so wrong with demanding our government follow the Constitution? What’s wrong with requiring Republicans to stand by the same conservative principles they lay out in their party platform?

Did you vote for Republicans so we could have more of the same old, same old tax-and-spend, Progressive big government running our lives? Isn’t it time to make sure GOP politicians follow through with all those things they promised us over the last several elections?

What, exactly, does “governing” mean to you?

It really all depends on who you ask.