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GOP-2016-war-chestNow that last week’s filing period for the 2016 election is over and numbers can be tallied, we thought we’d take a look at the massive war chest the Republican Party of Arkansas gathered in filing fees.

The RPA’s total take this cycle is $848,000 — about 30% more than they gathered in 2012 or 2014, when they raised $650,000. In our small state the RPA can do a whole lot of influencing…. er, campaigning with almost a million dollars!

With 13 Presidential candidates on the 2016 ballot, the Republican Party of Arkansas collected $325,000 in filing fees just from those candidates — way outpacing their $100,000 take in the 2012 Presidential election year.

Down ballot, the state GOP picked up $40,000 from two Senate candidates and $75,000 from five House hopefuls, along with $120,000 from 16 State Senate candidates and $288,000 from 96 individuals running for the State House.

Remember the excellent advice from State Rep. Charlotte Vining-Douglas — you must ask your candidate, “What’s your price?”