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thankIn Monday’s filings, Marvin Lessmann was incorrectly identified as running for Circuit Clerk (not County Clerk); this was the information we were provided by the Faulkner County Election Coordinator and was corrected on Tuesday.

On our “Who’s Filed: Faulkner County Offices” page we designated Democrat Circut Clerk Rhonda Wharton as “Retiring; not running in 2016” and even though she had not yet filed (as of Tuesday), her husband sent this correction via email this afternoon:

“Your comments regarding Rhonda Wharton, the Faulkner County Circuit Clerk, are in error. She is running for re-election in 2016 and is not intent on retiring at this time.

Where did you get your information to the contrary?

Now that you have been instructed regarding the truth, I would hope that you have the good manners and gumption to correct your publication as soon as possible to reflect the truth.

We are glad for the input and the information has been corrected.

Today we were also asked to remove JP Rocky Lawrence’s name from our list of Sheriff’s candidates because he had not formally filed (as of Tuesday — even though he is actively campaigning with phone calls and personally canvassing neighborhoods).

For clarification we have added attribution showing that Faulkner County filing information is provided daily by the Faulkner County Election Coordinator; other filing information is available via the Arkansas Secretary of State.

(The Faulkner County Election Coordinator did not provide Wednesday’s filing information at the end of the day; we will publish as soon as we receive it.)

This is how transparency happens. We so appreciate the constructive proofreading and help from so many readers and candidates (both Republicans and Democrats)!