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clowning-around-conwayA reader submitted the following as a comment on the upcoming Mayor’s race in Conway:


I love this town but not the clown
Who we’ve elected mayor.
To bikers and tree-huggers
He tries hard to be fair,

But when it comes to paying fair
For firemen and cops
He’s not the mayor or upright man,
He’s just a big cow flop!

That Christmas tree is ours, you see;
It towers o’er downtown.
But will it light on any night?
You’ll have to ask the Clown.

He’ll build a mall or airport new,
Says it’s the needed thing.
But we all know he’s just a ‘ho
For progressive city bling.

He tells a tale of fiscal care
But still ignores the cost
Of city spending beyond our means
And $2.5 mil lost.

So soon we’ll get a new man
with his plans for our town —
Just think real hard, be on your guard
And don’t elect a clown.