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angry-rallyBig media — and other candidates — have chosen to attack the (let’s say) boisterousness of Trump rallies, never failing to disdainfully point out the “anger” on display there. We expect the media to report on the sizzle without even looking at the steak, but why won’t the other candidates take a look at that anger?

No one asks WHY there’s such anger — in other words, what’s behind this? What’s caused all this to boil over? What can be done about it? Shouldn’t America be doing something about it? Answering that takes some real reporting, and actual truth-telling from all candidates.

Anger is classically explained as an outward sign of fear or frustration. It’s the frustration we’re seeing.

For those conservative voting Republicans, it’s topped with the frustration of being ignored by the supposed ‘conservative’ Republicans that we the People put into office in 2012 (based on their promises, don’t forget) … of seeing that newly elected Republican majority Congress refuse to use its power to reign in our unconstitutional Progressive Democrat President … of losing our jobs overseas and seeing our country over-run with illegal, illegitimate “refugees” from all over the world … of having our legitimate concerns about the economy, homeland security, and our Constitutional rights swept aside as being “un-American” … and of finally understanding that the political “machine” that runs our county, state, and country is more than happy to always take our volunteer time and money while totally disregarding our viewpoints.

When we think back on the last few years we see why voters are willing to be frustrated and angry. It’s inconceivable that so-called GOP leaders cannot see what’s going on around them inside the party, so the frustration/anger can only be explained by saying the party’s donors and elite are willingly choosing to ignore their base. If anything causes the Republican party to split apart, it will be this elitist and arrogant “leader class” that now runs our government (and that we put into office).

Will the GOP and its donor class take the steps necessary to ensure our elected officials address our concerns? (Maybe then there won’t be so much frustration and anger being displayed at political rallies that have such appeal to large swaths of Americans.)

The real questions is: What are you willing to do? Will you be angry? Will you take those necessary steps? We must give it everything we’ve got. Isn’t our country worth that to you?