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scareWe’ve come to expect the usual draconian budget responses from politicos when they’re not getting their way about spending more money, but the GOP’s latest tactic in the state’s Medicaid expansion fight is a doozy.

Yesterday, Arkansans woke up to news stories screaming “Schools, prisons, and foster care to take hit” if the Governor’s planned Medicaid expansion appropriation fails to pass the Legislature.

Faced with dwindling funds, elected officials always frighten taxpayers by saying that fire and police protection, prisons, and spending on education will obviously be the first to go because there’s no extra money anywhere to be found in existing budgets.

So now — after last year’s unfortunate rehoming developments brought so much political heat to the issue — Governor Hutchinson and House leadership claim that, if Medicaid expansion fails, our foster care program must be cut by $10.9 million, resulting in 200 job losses and higher case loads.

But wait, that’s not all the facts…The original budget included a $20 million spending increase for the foster program. The alternative budget, without expansion, changes that to around $10 million.

This is NOT a cut, and voters are very smart about making good choices when presented with the facts. Problem is, big government politicos like Governor Hutchinson and Arkansas’ pro-Obamacare lawmakers are all too comfortable using scare tactics like omitting these kinds of facts that don’t support their politically unpopular viewpoints.

In this video, Asa Hutchinson threatens a $10 million cut to Foster Care if Arkansas Works isn’t passed. It turns out the “cut” is actually a $20 million spending increase being reduced to $10 million. This deceptive statement is worse considering that there are millions of dollars in General Improvement Funds that easily cover this “cut”! — Kenneth Wallis on Facebook