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asa-planGovernor Hutchinson and pro-Obamacare Medicaid Expansion lawmakers had a clever plan to circumvent the 75% bar for appropriations to get Arkansas Works passed — but that shell game fell yesterday to a bipartisan vote driven by Democrats on the Joint Budget Committee.

Conservative activists were left shaking their heads when Republican proponents of continued Medicaid expansion in Arkansas turned legislative process on its head with a tactic that required Democrats on the Joint Budget Committee to vote for a measure without Arkansas Works while promising a gubernatorial line-item veto that would leave Medicaid expansion still in the bill.

Fortunately for good governance, the Democrats were also playing hardball: at least 14 voted against the whole thing in the committee’s roll call vote, thus stopping the Governor’s Arkansas Works plan from succeeding. (Perhaps it was not good governance but just a Democrat tactic; more on that here.)

An unofficial roll call count shows these Joint Budget Committee lawmakers voted in favor of the Governor’s stunts to try and pass his Arkansas Works Medicaid expansion:

Missy Irvin (R)
Ronald Caldwell (R)
John Cooper (R)
Jonathan Dismang (R)
Jim Hendren (R)
Bart Hester (R)
Jimmy Hickey (R)
Jeremy Hutchinson (R)
David Johnson (D)
Bill Sample (R)
Eddie Joe Williams (R)
Jon Woods (R)

David Branscum (R)
Mary Broadaway (D)
Charlie Collins (R)
Jim Dotson (R)
Dan Douglas (R)
Justin Gonzales (R)
Kim Hammer (R)
Stephen Meeks (R)
Micah Neal (R)
Richard Womack (R)