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law-is-the-law-unless-arkansasQuick, how are Arkansas Republicans like Donald Trump?

As the fiscal session nears, the usual political balderdash coming from Arkansas pro-Obamacare Republicans has intensified beyond reason, much like our national Republican presidential nominee fight.

In their zeal to continue Obamacare to childless working adults in Arkansas, pro-Medicaid expansion legislators and Gov Hutchinson are again questioning whether it’s “fair” that a 25% “no” vote can stop a budget appropriation — because they are unable to garner 75% who support the Governor’s new Private Option plan.

How is this any different than Donald Trump railing against Colorado’s delegate rules, saying they aren’t “fair” because he lost all the delegates there to Ted Cruz? Arkansas Obamacare proponents are the very same Republicans gnashing their teeth over a Trump nomination while they proudly sport #NeverTrump hashtags!

Conservatives (notice we didn’t say “Republicans”) are the ones who say “The rules (law) are the rules. Work within that framework or change the rules.” Even though it takes only 51% to pass policy, ever since Amendment 19 passed in 1934 the legislature has required 75% to appropriate money. Every discussion and education session about the Arkansas budget process repeatedly makes the point that passing bills is only a part of the process.

Indeed, of course as we all know, appropriating money is the responsibility of each and every elected legislator — and the law is the law (or so we were told by those same GOP lawmakers when they passed the Private Option).

Our Republican leaders — Governor Hutchinson and pro-Obamacare lawmakers — are desperately scraping the barrel when they try to say otherwise.