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too-much-to-think“If I don’t agree, then you don’t even have a right to express your opinion!” Progressives are more and more willing to draw this bottom line in ever-expanding, increasingly flagrant attacks on our country’s First Amendment free speech rights. From vocal opponents at Presidential primary political rallies to college campuses to Facebook, the very existence of conservative viewpoints is under attack.

Using their totalitarian media control of “the message,” Progressives attack conservatives on every front, more often with character attacks and name-calling rather than debating the actual issue at hand. In doing so, they are attacking one of the bedrocks of America — that every man is equal — and thus they threaten our future liberties.

Whatever happened to “I disagree agree with you, but I will forever defend your freedom/right to give your opinion”?

The Heritage Foundation says Progressives “like to consider themselves open-minded and accepting, but in reality they are responsible for building a culture of intolerance:”

If you don’t want your daughter to have to share bathrooms with “gender fluid” boys, liberals will call you a bigot. If you believe in constitutional rights like religious freedom, gun rights, and freedom of speech, you are labeled ignorant.

More and more, we see the government using its power to restrict speech and intimidate private groups and businesses. College campuses are hostile to diverse viewpoints and students shout down public speakers in the name of “tolerance.” Corporate leaders are forced to resign and pastors are fined for proclaiming church teaching.

The closing of the liberal mind threatens not only free speech and freedom of conscience, but constitutional rights that at one time had been among America’s greatest causes. It is upending the very constitutional order that once was the bastion of American freedom and equality, which is a grave threat to the country.

Progressives are shredding America and our children’s future freedoms before our very eyes because they want to shut down conservative opinions just because they don’t agree.